A privacy-conscious and high-tech approach to entity management

From the anonymized online order process to the use of fully encrypted email and document storage, we are fastidious about identity protection and privacy.

Anonymized order process

We do not ask for any personal details when you place your order online.

Easy to use

No forms, no wet signatures: everything is signed electronically and timestamped. You’ll never touch a piece of paper.

Open-source development

Our dashpanel is open-source and integrates commons Ethereum solutions.

Pay in crypto or fiat

We accept all major crypto currencies in addition to credit cards, Stripe and Paypal at checkout.

Fastidious about privacy

We use snoop-free email and end-to-end encrypted file sharing to communicate and exchange information with our clients.


We let you run your company as a dApp in those jurisdictions that legally recognise transactions on blockchain.


Now everybody can be the 1%

We believe everybody can be the 1% in the new decentralized economy.

Our mission is to bring you the services that help you straddle jurisdictions and optimize how you structure your business interests.

Now you can access the same freedom tools previously only accessible to the privileged few, and at much lower cost.


Companies à la carte

Order your company online today and let us take care of everything else. Get started within days in the jurisdiction that best suits your needs.

Looking for the jurisdiction that best suits your needs?

Book a FREE 30 minutes call today with one of our specialists.


Access our federated braintrust

We share what we learned with our clients, from the optimal ownership cascade of your entities to where to make yourself tax resident or conduct your token sale.

Federated crypto-legal specialists and tax consultants
Online support and local fulfilment agents across timezones
Members contributing to our knowledge community

Use the right legal stack for your ICO or TGE

Minimize your regulatory risk when offering appcoins or securities tokens for your project. Get a FREE initial assessment today.

Company USA gives you or your clients the tools towards more autonomy in business and investing. We confidentially incorporate entities in some of the world’s most optimized jurisdictions, and provide ancillary services, ranging from registered office and mailing addresses to banking and residency.

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