Your Companies as Freedom Tools

From the anonymized online order process to the use of fully encrypted email and document storage, we are fastidious about identity protection and privacy.

Business Setup and Registration

Talk to us about where is best to register your companies and how to arbitrage jurisdictions.

Fiat Bank Accounts

We know the way how and where to open a bank account for your business or you personally.

Crypto Custody Solutions

Learn about cold-storage solutions and holding entities for your token assets. Open an exchange account.

Fund Formation and Admin

Start your own fund using our flat-packed legal structures in some of the world’s most optimised jurisdictions.

ICO Services

Use the right legal stack for your ICO. Benefit from our expertise in how to structure the sale of your token..

Residency and Passport

Get advice on residency and second passport routes that let you optimise for privacy and wealth protection.

Mailing and Privacy Services

Get a business or private mailing address, fully encrypted email and anonymous domain hosting.

Smart Contract Project Work

We can help you convert analogue constitutions and governance rules into smart contracts to manage your entities.

Entity Cascades and Tax Structures

Benefit from our expertise in how to stack entities and optimise for corporate and personal tax.

Company Offshore gives you or your clients the tools towards more autonomy in business and investing. We confidentially incorporate entities in some of the world’s most optimized jurisdictions, and provide ancillary services, ranging from registered office and mailing addresses to banking and residency.

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